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Jenny Wallwork visit

We have had a lovely day with Jenny Wallwork today

Jenny Wallwork

Jenny is the Double Commonwealth medallist for Badminton and 5 time national champion and former number 5 in the world.
The day was a huge success and Jenny will be visiting us again late in the year!

Jenny Wallwork Visit

We look forward to welcoming Jenny Wallwork on Monday 27 February 2017 as part of the Sky Sports Living for Sport programme. This programme is designed to help young people live healthier and more active lives as well as realising their potential to help achieve their goals.  There will be team building activities during the day which students will be involved with.

During her career Jenny has achieved silver and bronze medals at the Commonwealth and European Games and had been five time national champion. She also reached number five in the World Rankings during her 10 years on the Professional Badminton World Circuit.

In the past we have been lucky to have Rachel McKenzie, Thai boxer, as our athlete mentor from Sky Sport and Jessica Ennis-Hill, heptathlete, who came to present one of our former students with the Student Winner of the Year award for England.