Curriculum Overview


At Temple Moor High School our curriculum aims to meet the different interests, learning styles and aspirations of all our students.

When the students first arrive in Year 7 we focus on developing skills of problem solving, collaborative working and independent thinking. The Key Stage 3 curriculum introduces the students to a wide range of new subjects and offers them the opportunity to work in specialised areas for the first time. At the same time there is a strong emphasis on developing the core skills of numeracy and literacy critical to ensuring they can achieve in all their subjects as they progress through the school.

These foundations give way in Years 9 to 11 to a series of choices that students make to pursue a selection of subjects appropriate to their needs. These choices are well guided and structured to challenge each individual. Our learning pathways can be tailored so that each student takes the subjects they enjoy, alongside a thorough grounding in the basic skills necessary in a modern workplace. Options range from a traditional, broad academic curriculum that provides a good preparation for university education, to vocational in a variety of subjects.

All pathways incorporate the study of English, Maths and ICT; so that students never feel they’re under-equipped in these most vital of areas.

We know that learning doesn’t just happen in the one hour chunks a secondary school timetable offers and we’re committed to providing our students with various opportunities for learning, for example two Stop the Clock days run throughout the year allowing the curriculum to stop for a day and the students an opportunity to work in different ways with different students across the school on a specific learning theme or just to experience something new.

Our curriculum extends beyond the classroom by involving our students in the ‘ContinYou Programme’ which offers a wide range of after school clubs and organising a wide range of visits.

Key Stage 3 Subjects – Year 7 and Year 8:

· English·


· Science


· Humanities

. History

. Geography

. Ethics

· Design

. Art

. Technology

· Performance

. Music

. Drama

Humanities, Design and Performance are taught via Temple Learning which is a Project Based faculty where students learn how to develop the resilience, resourcefulness and reflectiveness which allows them to develop life long learning skills.

Key Stage 4 Options Offered – Year 9, Year 10 and Year 11:


Business Studies GCSE

French GCSE

Food Technology GCSE

German GCSE

Geography GCSE

Graphics GCSE

History GCSE

Spanish GCSE

Music GCSE

Philosophy & Applied Ethics GCSE

Physical Education GCSE

Resistant Materials GCSE

Triple Science GCSE

Business Studies BTEC

Construction BTEC

Dance BTEC

Design BTEC

Health & Social BTEC

Media BTEC

Performance BTEC

Sport BTEC

Textiles BTEC

Key Stage 5 – Post 16:

Our Post 16 curriculum options include 34 different subjects including traditional A levels such as Physics, English Literature and Maths alongside ‘newer’ A Levels such as Psychology and Media. In addition to these options we also offer a range of BTEC qualifications in options such as Sport, Law and Health and Social which are worth the equivalent points of typical A Levels and suit learners who have been used to the rigour of continuous assessment.

We are pleased to offer many different subject combinations thanks, in part, to a long standing partnership arrangement that we operate with Brigshaw High School. The partnership enables us to put on courses that would only naturally attract small numbers of students if they were offered by each individual centre. By drawing together these small numbers, we can create larger groups and therefore satisfy more students.

A typical student in Year 12 will take between three and five AS Levels depending on their ability; this is then reduced to three subjects in Year 13 due to the increase in challenge at A2. In order to challenge the most able and provide curriculum enrichment, some students also complete General Studies A level or the Extended Project which serves to widen knowledge beyond their subject specialisms. The diversity of our curriculum provides an excellent preparation for both Higher Education and employment progression.

We understand that to gain the best outcomes, learning must be extended beyond the classroom. We expect students to become increasingly independent with their studying and throughout the Sixth Form experience we help students to develop this skill. Alongside the curriculum, we are committed to widening aspirations and creating mature adults who are aware of their personal responsibilities to the community and as citizens. Through Stop the Clock days, we address Higher Education and employment for example by taking students to a University for the day and organising workshops with regional employers.

Level 3 Post-16:

· Art & Design: Fine Art

· Art: Graphic Design

· Product Design/ 3D Design

· Biology

· Business & Economics

· BTEC Business

· Chemistry

· BTEC Dance

· English Language

· English Literature

· Extended Project

· French

· General Studies

· Geography

· German

· Photography

· BTEC Health & Social Care double

· History


· Law

· Textiles

· Performance

· BTEC Music

· BTEC Sport

· Psychology

· BTEC Law

· PE

· Spanish

· BTEC Media Slides

· Physics