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Learning Qualities & Values

At Temple Moor, we want students who take responsibility for themselves, their learning and their future so that they can be successful in all areas of their life.

When consulting local employers, they told us they are looking for:

“A motivated individual with a willingness to learn.”

“Someone who is driven to succeed.”

“Willing to continually learn and develop.”

“Someone who can work well within a team

“A positive, reliable and can-do attitude.”

Together, we identified five qualities we want our students to develop and demonstrate in all aspects of their school life:

  • Initiative

  • Resilience

  • Critical thinking

  • Seeking challenge

  • Reflective

These five qualities are being introducing to students during form time with a four-week block on each quality, with students using Fridays to record how they have demonstrated each quality throughout the week. This initial phase is about increasing familiarity and identifying the usefulness of these key qualities.

Throughout the year, we will be holding rewards assemblies to recognise the achievement of students who have demonstrated this quality consistently, using employers to present awards to further reinforce the link between these qualities and the world of work.

Our successful curriculum approach is underpinned by high quality teaching and an emphasis on fostering positive learning behaviours from students.