E Safety

Acceptable Use Online
All computer activity should be quiet, purposeful and used for educational benefit.
You must only access the computers with your own username and you must keep your password secret.  You are responsible for any actins carried out or any files held on your account.  Staff may monitor our activities or access files/emails.
All internet use should be work related.  Inappropriate sexist, racist, pornographic, indecent, violent or abusive images, text, sound or games files are forbidden.
Appropriate and responsible use of email is essential.  All communication should be polite, use appropriate language and content and should not reveal any personal information.  you should not contact people you do not know, unless authorised by a member of staff.  Anonymous messages and chain letters are forbidden.
You must not bring the school into disrepute through your use of Internet/email
No payment of activities involving purchasing or financial gain may be carried out over the internet.
No student may obtain access to any part of the computer system which they have not been specifically been given permission.
Activity that threatens the integrity of the school ICT systems is forbidden.
Hardware must not be damaged or rearranged
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