Our Vision:
The Humanities faculty will achieve consistently good learning and teaching across all departments in the faculty. Students of all abilities will make good to outstanding progress and enjoy the learning that they experience within Humanities. These experiences will be relevant to real life and enable them to make a positive contribution to society. Humanities is a dynamic faculty encompassing a range of subjects: History Geography Business Ethics Travel and Tourism We seek to maintain the highest standards of education in all Humanities subjects. Teachers within the faculty are dedicated and passionate about teaching.

Year 7:
Students learn Humanities as a single subject taught by one teacher. Throughout the year they will be taught History, Geography and Ethics within their Humanities lessons. The programme of study includes topics on Leeds and your local area, extreme environments, people and places, medieval realms, Tudor Britain and an overview of the world’s major religions.  Our students also learn and practise a range of skills and lessons are formulated around PLTS. We encourage our students to work in groups, reflect and analyse their learning styles and the different skills required to learn effectively. This is something that we begin in Year 7 and consolidate as the students move through the school.

Year 8:
Students learn History, Geography and Ethics as distinct subjects with a specialist teacher. We seek to provide a dynamic curriculum, building on Year 7 and allowing students to progress in terms of both knowledge and skills.  In Geography the programme of study includes topics on population and development, rivers and weather an climate. In History the students study modern history which also includes the First and Second World War as well as topics on The British Empire and Industrial Britain. In Ethics the students examine moral issues, creation, Sikhism and Hinduism.

Key Stage 4:
Students begin their GCSE and BTEC courses in Year 9. Humanities subjects are extremely popular at Temple Moor. Geography follow Edexcel GCSE Specification B which covers broad aspects of both human and physical geography including living spaces, the world of work, sustainability, hazardous environments and coasts. History follow AQA Modern World specification which examines the Cold War period, Roaring 20’s America, Hitler’s Germany and the Vietnam War. Students following History GCSE course get the opportunity to visit the Battlefields of Northern France in Year 10. In Business students can study both GCSE and BTEC Business Studies. These courses examine aspects of both business and economics under the Edexcel specifications. In Philosophy and Ethics students learn about a range of moral and ethical dilemmas and understand Christian responses to these issues.

Key Stage 5:
Once again Humanities courses in KS5 are very popular. History, Geography and Business attract large numbers of students. BTEC level 3 courses in business are also rapidly expanding, with students also given the opportunity to opt in to UK Careers qualifications. Within these courses students are given support and guidance and encouraged to build on the skills acquired at KS4.

Values and Philosophy:
The Humanities faculty seek to challenge students to achieve the highest levels of progress. Lessons are both interesting and dynamic. We aim to prepare our students for the full range of experience that the world has to offer. This includes not only the world of work, but cultural enrichment and an enhanced understanding of humanity.