Learning Agreement

Temple Moor/Brigshaw


Sixth Form Student Learning Agreement 2016 – 2017

This agreement is binding between students and Temple Moor High School Sixth Form and is a pre requisite of the enrolment process.

Temple Moor High School 6th Form will provide you with:

Form Time at 8:25 until 8:50am (Tuesday, Thursday and Friday)

  • Compulsory part of the school day. In addition to assembly once per week, we have a statutory obligation to deliver aspects of the ‘Every Child Matters’ agenda. Pastoral mentoring is also undertaken during form time at set times during the year.

Quality teaching and formative assessment

  • This will involve the highest standards of teaching, setting and marking of homework and coursework.
  • Feedback will be given to students along with next steps advice to improve the quality of work further. Any concerns should be reported to the head of 6th form immediately.

Regular reporting and monitoring

  • You will receive three reports per academic year as well as two subject led parents evenings.


  • You, your parents and your teachers need to know how well you are progressing and whether any further action needs to be taken to help you achieve your full potential.

Facilities and resources

  • You will have access to the 6th form computer suite which is a quiet study area exclusively available to 6th form students. The Common Room computers, Library and break out areas are also available to you should you wish to use them.

6th Form Student Council

  • We are proud to have developed a thriving Student Council where students have different roles making positive differences to the Post 16 centre: student welfare, charity and events and sports ambassadors. The 6th Form Council gives you the opportunity to put your ideas forward and ensure you are represented and listened to.

Careers guidance

  • This will come through various forms such as your form tutor, assemblies, UCAS, trips, outside speakers and booklets.
  • We also have a designated careers guidance adviser, Mrs Pasfield, who undertakes one-to-one careers counselling with students as to relevant college courses, further education, modern apprenticeships and graduate careers.

 What we expect from you: 

100% attendance and punctuality to all lessons including study periods and form time

  • We firmly believe that success very much goes hand in hand with attending lessons and sessions. Missing lessons and study periods will affect your chances of achieving your full potential.
  • The 6th form expects you to attend over 95% of lessons, registration and study periods. If in the event you are ill you must contact the 6th form absence line, which is 0113 3900776. This can be done by yourself or your parent/carer.
  • For known absences such as a driving test, university open day or an orthodontist appointment you must complete a yellow known absence form, which can be found outside the 6th form office. Please note we do not authorise doctor’s appointments in lesson time. If in the event you need to attend an emergency appointment please see the head of 6th form
  • Students whose attendance is below 85% by Easter 2017 will be asked to pay for their BTEC/Exam entries which can amount to £200 or more. If this occurs the school will hold the final decision over exam entry and if a student can continue their studies at Temple Moor. The school does not hold authorised absences against a student’s attendance, only holiday periods and unauthorised or unreported absences are taken into consideration.

High levels of respect for yourselves, each other, your teachers, our school and wider local Community

  • It is by having the highest level of respect for others and yourself that you are able to develop socially and morally.
  • We have the highest expectations for all of our 6th form students and you are expected to be courteous and hard working. Additionally you are ambassadors for the school and we want you to inspire our younger students.

30 Hours of Voluntary work throughout Year 12

  • The purpose of our voluntary programme is that as well as your examination studies you have the opportunity to broaden your range of skills, activities and interests. With employment positions and Higher Education places becoming increasingly hard to gain, the enhancement programme will make you more employable and provide valuable transferable skills. We provide a wide variety of possibilities to choose from both in school and in the local community. These vary from mentoring and coaching students to creating and running your own business to raise money for local charity groups.

A strong work ethic

  • We expect you to work hard both in and out of school because you have chosen to continue your education at Temple Moor 6th Form – it is your choice to be here, no one has forced you.
  • Commitment to your studies is crucially linked to success.

Make good use of your study periods

  • Some study periods are staffed but others are not. You have to make mature decisions about when to complete homework and to read around your subjects. If in the case of a student not being able to do this you will lose your non contact periods and will have to be in school every day between 8:25am-2:50pm.

Achieve at least a grade C in GCSE Maths and English

  • These qualifications are required by the vast majority of universities and employers.
  • Where a student has not achieved these grades in Year 11 then in Year 12 they will attend timetabled taught lessons as well as attend Year 11 lessons if necessary.

 To not take holidays during term time

  • From 1 September 2013, schools are no longer allowed to authorise any requests for children to be taken out of school for a holiday during term time.  Students who have an attendance below 85% will be passed on to the Educational Welfare Officer for Temple Moor and could be asked to pay a fixed penalty notice. It is the 6th Form policy that we do not authorise holidays during term time.

To follow 4 AS levels through the entirety of Year 12

  • Students in Year 12 in the vast majority of cases are expected to take four subjects at AS Level, or an equal combination of Double BTECs and AS Levels. On successful entrance into Year 13, most students will take forward three subjects due to an increase in complexity for each subject. It is possible to study four subjects in Year 13 dependant on timetable restrictions. Students in Year 12 and 13 will also have the opportunity to take the Extended Project alongside their other subjects to enhance their timetable and develop future opportunities.