Modern Foreign Languages

Teachers: Mrs Greenfield, Miss Petiteville, Mr Taylor, Ms Fernandez Benitez, Miss Garnier,

Our Vision: To inspire our students with a deep understanding and love of modern foreign languages and their importance in a globalised world. This will result in a thirst for learning and outstanding outcomes for our learners.

Why study Modern Languages? Knowledge of a Modern Foreign Language is a skill which is increasingly valued by employers and can lead to better job prospects. A language is useful for those who wish to travel or work abroad and furthermore more employers and companies have links and offices in Europe.

What Will I Study? Key Stage 3: Year 7 Sets 1 and 2 will study French with either German or Spanish as a second language.

All other sets will study either French or Spanish

Year 8 Sets 1 and 2 continue to study French with either German or Spanish as a second language. All other sets study French. Students will be given the opportunity to continue to study this language or languages until the end of Year 11 and beyond.

Course books in Year 7 and 8 are Métro for French, Echo Express for German and Listos for Spanish.

Key Stage 4: Year 9-11 The new GCSE exam (AQA) consists of 4 elements: Listening (25%), Speaking (25%), Reading (25%) and Writing (25%). Students will sit all exams at the end of Year 11. Students will study the following themes over the course of the three years in the languages they study:

  • Identity and culture
  • Local, national, international and global areas of interest
  • Current and future study and employment

In Years 9, 10 and 11 we use a variety of course books including AQA French, AQA German and AQA Spanish Expo for French, Echo for German and Mira for Spanish. The AQA exam board is used.  To view the specification please go to

Key Stage 5: French, Spanish and German AS and A2 are taught in the sixth form. In addition to the 4 lessons per week, the students traditionally have one oral lesson per week with the Foreign Language Assistant.  At AS Level students study the general topic areas of:  · Youth culture and concerns · Lifestyle: health and fitness · The world around us: travel, tourism, environmental issues and the French/German/Spanish-speaking world · Education and employment. At A2 Level students additionally study these topic areas: · Customs, traditions, beliefs and religions · National and international events: past, present and future · Literature and the arts. The Edexcel exam board is used. To view the specifications please go to

Extra-Curricular: Our Foreign Language Assistants run French, German and Spanish clubs for Years 7 and 8.

Various trips, visits and exchanges

For more information please contact the Programme Leader of MFL, Mrs. Carley Greenfield