Key Stage 3
The aim is to offer out learners a bespoke curriculum that meets the needs of all of our students with a focus on performance in particular key areas with an emphasis on competition and fitness. There are a number of ‘core sports’ that are always taught to ensure that there is continuity and progression throughout each year at Temple Moor. The core sports are identified below and include both individual and team sports:

KS3 Girls
Netball, Badminton, Football, Table Tennis

KS3 Boys
Rugby, Football, Table Tennis

In KS3 the focus is on up skilling students so they are ready to meet the demands of examination PE whether that be GCSE or BTEC Sport so they achieve the best possible outcome. We will introduce key themes that are linked to the GCSE and BTEC Sport criteria subtlety in each SOW to expose our learners to the terminology and topics early so they can start developing their knowledge and understanding and be set up to make a flying start into KS4 examination PE.

At year 7 ONLY there will be an initial period of assessment where every student will be given a baseline level according to their performance and understanding across three sports- Football, Netball and Rounders. These first lessons should be tailored towards allowing students to perform fundamental skills in both isolation and within competitive situation so they have opportunity to achieve the very highest grades.

Key Stage 4
In year 10 there will be a leadership group which will work towards achieving the Sports Leaders UK qualification, they will do this within their core PE lessons until it is successfully completed. It will be overseen by JTA and taught by JR and CS. The students involved will be integrated back into core PE groups after completion of the course, this will hopefully have a huge positive impact on their own confidence and skills as well as us being able to utilise this during lessons and supporting inter form competitions with younger year groups.

There will also be a greater level of choice/autonomy for staff when choosing activities at KS4 however across the year they must do at least one fitness unit, one team and one individual sport as a minimum. Staff should use their professional judgement when selecting activities based on how well they can cater for their students’ needs as well as keeping engagement high.