There are three key principles that underlie our drive to be a centre of excellence:


We promote a ‘can do’ culture and aim to nourish the self esteem of students, their families and our staff. We believe that success will be gained by working as a team.   Together students, parents, staff, governors and our partners in the wider community will provide excellence and opportunity for all and ensure that each student has the opportunity to realise their dreams.


Learners need to enjoy in order to achieve.

A personalised approach is critical to creating a culture of success.   Engaging students in the process of learning will not only enable them to become autonomous learners but emphasis that student enjoyment of learning will open the gateway to success.

PLTS, APP and SEAL will allow students to develop the 5 key elements of lifelong learning:

  • Reflectiveness (Learning from experience);
  • Resourcefulness (Flexibility, imagination and risk taking);
  • Resilience (Positive attitude and target setting);
  • Responsibility (Looking after yourself and others); and
  • Reasoning (Making careful decisions).

A school is successful when:

  • Staff talk about learning
  • Staff observe each other
  • Staff plan, organise, monitor and evaluate their work with students and each other
  • Staff teach each other

Coaching and peer mentoring are essential elements of a successful learning environment.


We are an open access inclusive school who believes no child can be left behind. We actively work with our extended service partners to ensure that any barriers to learning are identified and students are supported in addressing these barriers. We are developing restorative practices which ensure everyone is equally engaged in finding the solution to problems.