Our Curriculum includes a wide and varied extra-curricular offering through the extensive number of clubs, sports teams and performances that our staff offer through the year.

All students are actively encouraged to participate in one of these extra-curricular clubs each week after school, as a way of fostering relationships, health, skills and broader interests:

Drama Club

Tuesdays in the Lecture Theatre with Miss Thursby (all ages) 3-4pm

School of Rock Production rehearsals – Music – LBJ Tuesday and Thursday. 3-4.30pm

After Christmas, school band will be on a Thursday in P1. 3-4pm

Take note (singing group) – Tuesday P1 3-4pm

Dance Club

Temple Ignite (all welcome) Tuesday in the Studio 3-4pm

Temple Moor Dance Company Juniors (KS3 – audition only) Wednesday in the Studio 3-4pm

Temple Moor Dance Company Seniors (KS4 – audition only) Thursday in the Studio 3-4pm


We offer a curriculum which caters for our students’ needs and supports them in fulfilling their ambitions, whilst also fostering a love of learning, the skills to be successful and an understanding of how they can be healthy, safe and well-rounded citizenships.