Student Quotes

Our first year at Temple Moor High School

“Before coming to year 7 I was scared and excited but now I’m glad to be here with my new friends I made.”                 

Robyn Crawford

“When I started high school, I was really nervous because I thought I was going to get bullied as I was small. But it turns out that wasn’t the case.  At Temple Moor they welcome you in and make lessons much more fun.  I’ve really enjoyed my time at Temple Moor so far.”  

Oliver Bradley

“I have really enjoyed my first few months at my new school, at the start of the year I was really excited but nervous. The time I have been here I have made lots of new friends, and I am looking forward to my years ahead.”    

Matthew Backhouse

“When I first came to Temple Moor I thought nothing could compare to my primary school but I was so wrong, because it’s brilliant! Everyone is nice, happy and joyful so even if going to a new school is hard just imagine all the friends and fun you will have when you start.” 

Kambili Thompson

“When the high school open day arrive, my heart scurried across my body with terror! When I started high school, lots of people came up to me introduced themselves and we made friends. After 3 or 4 weeks I fully adjusted towards Temple Moor and now this is a key part of my life, I am completely confident about being a student at this school”   

Alan Alex