Survival Guide 2016-17


 Don’t let it happen to you – make it happen for you!


Now you’re back…..

You’ve made the most positive decision you could at 16 – to carry on and build on your skills and qualifications. We’re pleased to see you back in your more grown-up state and have produced this handbook to help you make the most of your Post-16 education at both schools.

  • how to get started
  • what you’ll be expected to do
  • what you can expect from us
  • our agreement
  • how well you are doing (monitoring your progress)
  • your “free” time (including jobs)
  • exams – when and how often
  • keeping us sweet:
  • attendance
  • holidays
  • registration
  • “clothes show”
  • travel arrangements

How to get started…..

After you’ve met up with all those old faces and some new ones, it’s time to get organised.

By the end of your first day, you will:

  • know who your form tutor is
  • have decided what courses to take
  • know your minimum target grades

If you’re still unsure about which courses to take ask for help. All Sixth Form staff will be happy to help at any time.

What we expect from you and what you can expect from us …..

We expect that you will …..

  • attend above 95% (85% attendance is required to guarantee exam entry)
  • be on time
  • bring all necessary equipment
  • be fully prepared: read what you should have read, do what you were asked to do etc.
  • be positive, interested and willing to learn
  • be prepared to contribute to all activities
  • take responsibility for your own learning: play your part in group activities
  • produce quality work on time all the time
  • let us know if there is any genuine reason why you cannot attend a lesson
  • If you miss a lesson, it’s your responsibility to copy up notes and catch up straight away.

In return for this level of commitment you can expect us to…..

  • arrive at lessons on time
  • make sure you have covered all the relevant areas of the course
  • prepare your lessons thoroughly
  • try to make lessons stimulating and sometimes exciting
  • value your ideas and contributions
  • mark your work within a reasonable timescale
  • provide feedback so that you know how to improve and reach (or exceed!) your target grade
  • have high expectations of you
  • set realistic deadlines to enable you to plan and study efficiently

As you would expect, we will give you lots of support during your Post-16 education but if we don’t think you are working hard enough or are concerned about something, the usual frank and honest dialogue will take place between the staff, you and your parent/guardian.

A typical programme of study…..

Students in Year 12 in the vast majority of cases are expected to take four subjects at AS Level, or an equal combination of single/double/triple BTECs and AS Levels. On successful entrance into Year 13, most students will take forward three subjects due to an increase in complexity for each subject. It is possible to study four subjects in Year 13 dependant on timetable restrictions. Some students in Year 12 will also have the opportunity to take the Extended Project alongside their other subjects to enhance their timetable and develop future opportunities.

How well you are doing…..

We like to let you know how you are doing…

So, during the year, you and your parents will have the opportunity to:

  • come into school in September and speak to your form teacher about how you are settling in
  • talk to all your subject teachers at a consultation evening twice a year
  • receive three data reports per year about your progress.

To help you keep on track we will give you some target grades. These are how well you might do in your exams based on your results at GCSE. If you seem to be falling below your target grades, we will talk to you about it. If there is no improvement, we might have to put you on ‘office hours’ working. This means that you will work from 9am until 5pm and work during all of your free periods. Try to avoid this happening by staying up-to-date and putting the required effort into your studies from the word go.

Your form tutor

Your form tutor is a very important person for you in school and if you have any problems, they can normally sort these very quickly. If they can’t then don’t be nervous about coming to speak to a member of the Sixth Form team. We have a lot of experience between us and will hopefully be able to help you, whether it is a personal problem or to do with your work.

Your “free” time!

We know that at your age there is much more to life than studying and we don’t expect you to study 18 hours/day (18/7). But get the balance right.

The need to study/ Compulsory study periods

We expect you to attend timetabled study periods which are staffed and registered. These are to help you study and deepen your subject knowledge, we will give you a subject specific study guide. Trust us, there is no such thing as not being able to do any work!

But a good rule to follow is:
One hour study for one hour taught. So basically for 16 hours of lessons……. you guessed it 16 hours of private study.

Getting the balance right.

We know that many students need jobs to survive financially and some just like the extra cash – don’t we all?

But 12 hours a week is the maximum you should be working.

“More than 12 hours a week will cost you a grade per subject”. DFE/OFSTED

Remember, you are a full-time student who is committed to academic study. 

Keeping us sweet…..


Post-16 courses are challenging. The high-level learning that goes on in lessons cannot be made up by borrowing notes. Catching–up is hard to do. It is therefore vital that you attend all lessons.

But we know that you will sometimes be absent for genuine and understandable reasons. When this happens, we do not expect your parents to write a letter as they had to lower down in the school.

Feel free to ask your form teacher regularly what percentage your attendance is on.

But there are some things we expect you to do

…and they are not so very different from what we as members of staff have to do ourselves when we are absent!

Firstly, phone the school on the first day and each subsequent day of absence and if possible, let the office know how long you think you will be absent.

If you have a lesson at your partner school, you will need to ring them to let your teacher there know you will be absent: Temple Moor tel. 3900776; Brigshaw tel. 2878914

When you return to school, fill in a purple form and get your form tutor to sign it. You must give this in to the Sixth Form Office so we can amend your marks.

If you are going to be absent and you know about it in advance, e.g. for a hospital appointment, then you fill in a yellow ‘known absence’ form, show it to your form tutor and to all the teachers whose lessons you will miss on that day and they will initial it.

The purple and yellow forms are both available outside the 6th form office.

Any unauthorised absences will affect your attendance percentage. This will be noted on any future reference. Unauthorised absence includes missing lessons to go to the dentist or doctor or to have a driving lesson or to go on holiday.

Remember: 85% attendance is required for exam entry. If you do not have 85% attendance by Easter you could be required to pay for your exam entries, which can amount to around £200. The school target for all students is to achieve at least 95% expect difficult circumstances if you drop below this without good cause.

A register will be taken in every lesson, to help your form tutor monitor your attendance.


Tempting though it may be to get a cheap off-season holiday (it’s something teachers can only dream about), it is not an option for you yet. Wait a while, treat yourself at the end of your course.

You must NOT plan any holidays during school time. Any holidays will be classed as unauthorised absence.

Registration and Punctuality

You must attend registration. It is essential that your form tutor keeps an accurate record of your attendance – help them to do this, as it is a legal requirement. Also, a lot of important information is conveyed to you via your form tutor during registration. You must also be on time!

Registration is on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday at 8:25am-8:50am. Attendance is compulsory. You will be covering topics to help prepare you for higher education/careers alongside key skills such as debating and interview technique.

You will be doing exams in eight month’s time! (scary, isn’t it?) We do give you some exam leave for this. However, if you are doing AS levels, you have to come back to school once the exams are over in order to start your A2 courses. Do not book a holiday for this time!

Be on time for lessons and registration, as it allows sessions to start positively.

Be Professional

Try to think of the Sixth Form as your job. What would an employer expect from you? Reliability and honesty come pretty high on the list.

You might find teachers willing to give you an e-mail address that you can use to communicate with them.

If you have a problem it may be better to ask the teacher if there is a convenient time to see them to discuss your issue rather than expecting them to take something on board in the middle of a lesson.

Please keep the channels of communication open between us and your parents. We don’t want to treat you as children so don’t make us have to! It’s embarrassing when we have to make phone calls home to chase reply slips for trips and review days!

The Clothes Show…..

It isn’t. You don’t have to wear uniform – you can look and be as cool as you wish.

But you must not offend anyone else.

It won’t happen often but sometimes, as control freaks, we may have to have the final say.


It looks pretty poor to be asking the teacher for a spare pen when you are in the Sixth Form! Over the summer, it would be helpful if you could make sure you get a good supply of paper and pens. It would also be useful to buy a ring binder for each subject you are doing, together with dividers. A memory stick is also essential so you can do work on the computer at school and at home.

Mobile Phones

Unlike the rest of the school, we trust you to have mobile phones. But…use them sensibly and sensitively! Have them turned off in lessons and use them in the Sixth Form area only. Don’t forget they are your responsibility so look after them. Sadly, there are people in school who might steal your phone….

16-19 Bursary Fund

As you may be aware the Bursary Fund is now in place of the Education Maintenance Allowance (EMA). If you are in care then you will automatically receive a bursary of £1,200 a year. There will then be some additional money available to young people whose families are struggling to meet the costs associated with learning. This money may be distributed in the form of a £10 weekly payment. Students will also receive financial support for equipment,, transport, food and educational visits if they meet pre published criteria. If you think you may be eligible and would like to apply please complete the application forms which can be found in the pack you received on the Induction Day and return to the 6th form office by Monday 19th September. Please note students who are not eligible to receive the £10 weekly payment can also apply for a one off payment at any point throughout the year to help cover the cost of equipment/trips for essential school activities. Please see the bursary application for a list of approved activities.

Courses taught at ‘the other school’

In the last few years we have been able to offer many more courses because some of them are taught together across both schools.

If one of your courses is a partnership course then the timings of your lessons are slightly different…

On a Tuesday and Thursday at Brigshaw and Temple Moor:

Period 4: 12.45pm – 1.45pm         Period 5: 1.45pm – 2.45pm

Period 6: 3.15pm – 4.15pm           Period 7: 4.15pm – 5.15pm

On a Wednesday at Brigshaw and Temple Moor:

Brigshaw                                          Temple Moor

Period 2: 10am – 11am                 Period 2: 10.05am -11.05am

Period 3: 11am – 12pm                 Period 3: 11.05am – 12.05pm

Period 4: 1.00pm – 2.00pm           Period 4: 12.45pm – 1.45pm

Period 5: 2.00pm – 3pm                Period 5: 1.45pm – 2.45pm

If your course is actually taught at the other school, then we provide a free bus for you to get there and back. You can get a timetable from your tutor or outside the 6th form office.

Remember to be 5 minutes early for the bus otherwise it will go without you and it’s a long walk! However, buses should not go early and let us know immediately if this happens. Let the driver know if there are other people he needs to wait for before departing. If there are any problems with the buses then let the 6th form office know.

The two schools are in touch all of the time so don’t think we won’t know if you are not doing homework or missing lessons!  

Voluntary Programme/Work Experience

The purpose of our voluntary programme is that as well as your core studies, you have the opportunity to broaden your range of skills, activities and interests. With employment positions and Higher Education places becoming increasingly hard to gain, the enhancement programme will make you more employable and provide valuable transferable skills. As a Post 16 student you are expected to undertake a weekly voluntary programme alongside your academic studies. We provide a wide variety of possibilities to choose from both in school and in the local community. These vary from mentoring and coaching students to creating and running your own business to raise money for local charity groups. This information will be certified by a member of staff responsible for overseeing your voluntary placement.

One of these opportunities is the two week work experience window we offer Year 12 at the end of the Summer term. Due to the fact we are in competition with other schools, many of which send their students out at the same time this is launched to you in October 2016 so start thinking now what you may like to do.

Computer Room

We provide a space for you to do all that study! There are computers available for you. However, remember it’s for study and not an extension of the Common Room so please no eating, drinking or socialising in there! There are also a dozen computers set up in the common room for more social group work. Again, no eating or drinking allowed whilst you are using them.

Common Room

This is your space…

However, please remember…

  • not all staff are too happy about hearing the latest rap/indie/dance tunes blaring out whilst they are teaching. Please keep the music turned down during lesson time.
  • you are responsible for cleaning it up at the end of each day (we organise a rota). The less litter there is on the floor, the less there is for you to pick up!
  • a football pitch it isn’t! Ball games outside please … and not in lesson time either!
  • Remember we ultimately have the key to the common room and it gets quite cold in the winter!

Door Access (Temple Moor)

All students including Brigshaw students who have lessons at Temple Moor will be required to enter through the sixth form entrance. It is imperative for the safety of our staff and students that you do not allow anyone else you do not know to use this entrance. The door is operated by a numerical pass code that we will change on a regular basis.

The Sixth Form Council

If there are things you don’t like in the Sixth Form, don’t sit around moaning about it – take action! There is a Sixth Form Council. We expect the people on it to have a major say in what goes on in the school. They will help interview staff, suggest improvements and represent your views. We are hoping that they may even become associate governors, observe staff teaching lessons and give feedback! Please see Miss Hall if you would like to become involved.

Sixth Form Documentation

Useful documentation you can find in the blue trays on the wall outside the 6th Form Office.

  1. Partnership lessons Bus timetables.
  2. Half fare bus pass forms- Available from September. You will need to have the form signed and stamped by school then take this along with two passport photographs and £2 to a post office.
  3. Purple absence note- If you do not phone school when you are absent you must complete this once you return. Absence Line- 3900776.
  4. Yellow known absence note- must be completed if you know in advance that you are going to be missing school
  5. Holiday Form- Holidays taken during term time are not authorised in the 6th form, however if you do plan on going away during term time you must complete a holiday form.

Don’t let it happen to you – make it happen for you!