Year 6 Transition

“The Benefits of our comprehensive transition process will be that:

Pupils arrive at Temple Moor confident and secure in their next step

Parents are both fully aware and informed at all stages of how school life will change

Pupils are allocated to a suitable form and teaching groups, based on pastoral and academic information from primary school

Learning is able to begin quickly in September as pupils have prior experience of the school.””  

— Mr A. Beecroft, Senior Assistant Principal – Transition

We know how daunting the move to secondary school can be for both students and parents/carers. We do lots of work with Year 6 to try to make this as smooth and easy as possible for everyone.

We have strong links with our partner primary schools. Throughout the year, staff work closely together to share good practice and link learning at Key stage 2 and 3.

At the end of Year 6, students will begin a transition programme of events which will help with their move to the new school environment. Information on all of our events will come via primary schools once notification has been given of a secured place on 1 March.

In March we will send out a welcome letter and Transition booklet which will give information on key events that will happen on the run up to September.

In June, we hold an information evening where much more detail is given about the day to day routines at Temple Moor High School.

In July, students will attend the last 2 weeks of the Summer Term at Temple Moor High School, sampling lessons and meeting their form group and tutor.

Once students arrive with us in September we do a lot of work as a pastoral team to help with the settling in process.

Please feel free to contact Mr Beecroft, Senior Assistant Principal, Transition or Miss Lawton, Administrator should you have any questions or concerns 0113 3900 770.