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The Mathematics Curriculum

Students attending a Mathematics lesson at Temple Moor High School will be taken on a journey of discovery designed to increase their personal understanding of the subject, increasing their skills and knowledge to tackle any problem they are presented with.

This journey will start in Year 7 and take your child all the way through to Year 13 where, if your child chooses to do so, be part of a Post 16 class which is in the top 10% of the country’s providers.

Below is the outline of the journey your child will take with us to achieve their full potential.

The Maths department at Temple Moor High School see their job as developing better mathematicians. We have created a curriculum that is designed to continually build upon knowledge and skills learned and deepen the understanding of the structure and application of mathematics. We want our students to understand why processes work as well as how.  In addition to teaching the content outlined below we support our students’ learning through the use of techniques and approaches that have been proven to aid retention and recall. We have also built into our curriculum the explicit teaching of effective revision techniques.

Key Stage 3

Year 7

The Year 7 curriculum is predominantly designed to build a solid fundamental knowledge of numbers and the number system. We will look at how various place value systems have been developed and how their multiplicative and additive structures work.  We will develop a deeper understanding of the multiplicative nature of proportion and there will be an extensive focus upon developing pre-algebra skills.

Unit 1 – Place Value
Unit 2 – Addition and Subtraction
Unit 3 – Multiplication and Division
Unit 4 – Powers Roots and Primes
Unit 5 – Order of Operations
Unit 6 – Negative Numbers
Unit 7 – Fractions
Unit 8 – Percentages
Unit 9 – Estimation
Unit 10 – Algebra

Year 8

The Year 8 curriculum is designed to build upon previous learning and introduce the study of geometry and statistics. We will explore further the multiplicative nature of proportion and there will be a much greater emphasis on developing the students’ algebraic manipulation and substitution skills.

Unit 1 – Ratio
Unit 2 – Proportional Reasoning
Unit 3 – Polygons and Angles
Unit 4 – Formulae
Unit 5 – Area
Unit 6 – The Cartesian Grid
Unit 7 – Sequences
Unit 8 – Inequalities
Unit 9 – Congruence and Similarity
Unit 10 – Introduction to Data
Unit 11 – Bivariate data

Year 9

The current 9 curriculum has been designed as a one year ‘Preparation for GCSE’ course. Students will complete units of work that consolidate skills and knowledge learned in years 7 and 8 as well as introducing new topics that build upon these skills.  Students will continue to explore the link between topics and to this end there will be a greater emphasis upon developing the ability to solve more complex written problems that may require the use of a combination of skills. Students will follow a Foundation or a Higher pathway depending on their ability.  The curriculum is designed to be flexible in order to respond to the needs of our students.  More time will be spent teaching areas where students demonstrate a need for further support.

Key Stage 4

Our Year 10 and 11 students follow the AQA GCSE Mathematics course.

This is examined through three terminal papers (one non- calculator and two calculator papers) to be sat at the end of Year 11.  Our students will follow a Foundation or Higher pathway dependent upon their ability.   Our current year 10 and 11 students will complete the three year course that they began in Year 9.  The students will be assessed in Number, Algebra, Ratio and Proportion, Geometry and Measures, Probability and Statistics.   Throughout year 10 and 11 students will build upon the skills and knowledge gained in KS3 and be taught explicitly how to answer more complicated exam style problems.

Key Stage 5

Our students will have the opportunity to study mathematics at post 16. We offer three courses; ‘A’ Level Mathematics, ‘A’ Level Further Mathematics and Level 3 Certificate in Mathematics.

All three courses build upon the knowledge and skills gained at Key Stage 4. Core mathematics is designed for students that wish to take their mathematical studies further but do not feel that ‘A’ Level is appropriate. Students will follow the AQA Level 3 Certificate of Mathematics specification; a two year course that is examined at the end of Year 12 and Year 13. The course is designed to support students develop skills that will be useful in many degree and Level 3 courses. Students completing the course will gain UCAS points to put towards university course applications. The course has a heavy emphasis on the use of mathematics in the real world with components comprising of Analysis of Data, Personal Finance and Estimation.

The ‘A’ Level Mathematics and Further Mathematics students will follow the Edexcel ‘A’ Level specification. The ‘A’ Level courses are a two year course examined at the end of Year 13. Students following the ‘A’ level courses will complete Pure Mathematics, Mechanics and Statistics modules. In addition to these components the ‘A’ Level Further Mathematics students will complete modules of Further Pure and Further Mechanics as well as a Module on Decision Mathematics.

Our Staff:

Leader of Mathematics: Stuart Bisson
Subject Leader: Nigel Atton
Programme Leaders: Emily Rogers and Sam Parkes
Teachers of Mathematics: Amanda Bell, Gemma Newman, Stacey Cameron, Paul Sharp, Anthony Godrich, Dan Rushton and Helen Roper

If you would like to know more about the Mathematics Curriculum please contact Mr Atton at:

Telephone:  0113 390 0770