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The Performance Curriculum


The Performance Faculty strive to provide memorable, inspiring and positive experiences within lessons for all students across Temple Moor High School. We aim for students to develop transferable skills, such as confidence, creativity and communication within the three disciplines of Music, Dance and Drama. Through the Performance curriculum, students will have the opportunity to develop their knowledge and understanding of the different disciplines, whilst also enhancing expressive and leadership skills. We are passionate about the importance of the Performance subjects and offer a number of extra-curricular activities and instrumental lessons to enrich our curriculum provision.

Facilities and Resources

We have a fully equipped Drama/Dance studio with state of the art lights, sound, projection screen and full wall mirror. The large lecture theatre is also used as a Performance teaching space and provides a vast stage for our various events and shows that are celebrated across the school. The main Hall is another area that we us for lessons and also acts as the audience space for our shows. Within the hall, we have state of the art lights and sound desks to further enhance our performances. In Music, we have two large teaching rooms. One of these is equipped with Mac Computers to enable students to reach the highest possible standards in composing and music technology performance, whilst the other room is a practical music space used for the performance aspect of the curriculum. We also have two practice rooms that are used each day for Peripatetic instrumental lessons and for student rehearsals.

Staffing and Curriculum Allocation

The Performance faculty has an excellent team of full time teachers who are committed to providing the very best opportunities for the students. In addition to the three permanent members of the team (a specialist in each discipline of Music, Dance and Drama), we also have a learning manager/technician who supports the faculty and a team of excellent peripatetic teachers delivering weekly lessons in piano, guitar/bass, drums/percussion, strings, woodwind, brass and singing to over 120 students.

Key Stage 3

In Year 7, students receive 1 hour per week in Music and 1 hour of Performance. This includes Drama and Dance, which are on a rotation each half term.

In Year 8-9, students opt to take the Performance subjects and if they choose Music, Dance or Drama as an option, they receive 3 lessons over 2 weeks.

Key Stage 4

In Years 10–11, students begin to study their KS4 courses (GCSE/BTEC). They receive 5-6 hours per fortnight if they opt for these subjects.

Music KS4 follows the AQA GCSE Music specification, whilst Drama and Dance both follow BTEC Performance (These are separate courses. For example, if a student chooses Dance for KS4, they would study the BTEC Performance but complete Dance specific units)

Key Stage 5

Years 12/13 · RSL Level 3 Music (taught in partnership with Brigshaw)

AS/A Level Performance Studies (taught in partnership with Brigshaw)

BTEC Dance Level 3 is not currently running but would be an option dependent on student numbers.

Extended Curriculum

We are justly proud of the opportunities that we offer our young people in the extended curriculum.

Within the Performance faculty, we have weekly Peripatetic lessons on a range of instruments taught by specialist teachers.

We have a number of extra-curricular activities running on a weekly basis:

  • Take Note – Singing group (All students)
  • Vocale – Singing Group (Students having vocal lessons)
  • School Band (All students)
  • Falcon Percussion Ensemble (Students having drum lessons)
  • Drama Club (All students)
  • Temple Ignite (Dance club for all students)
  • Temple Moor Dance Company Juniors (audition for places)
  • Temple Moor Dance Company Seniors (audition for places)
  • School Production rehearsals

We are currently working towards our school production of “School of Rock” and each year we have summer shows in Music, Drama and Dance to showcase student achievements from across the year.

In Summer 2018, we took approximately 80 students to Lake Garda in Italy to perform outdoor concerts. We run this tour every other year and we are already looking forward to Summer 2020!