Our curriculum also places great value in extra-curricular activities as a mechanism of enriching the taught curriculum, allowing students to deepen their understanding, see the applications of their studies, promote enjoyment and foster relationships, health, skills and broader interests.

Temple Moor prides itself on offering a wide and varied suite of extra-curricular activities through the extensive number of clubs, sports teams and performances that our staff run after school, throughout the year.

All students joining the school are expected to participate in two chosen extra-curricular activities per term as part of a 30-minute extended school day, introduced following the pandemic.

Students can opt for two extra-curricular clubs per term from the following categories:

  • Developing my mind – clubs and activities linked to academic subjects
  • Developing my body – activities across a range of sports, including teams which participate in local and regional competitions
  • Developing my independence – projects and challenges which broaden students’ perspectives beyond Temple Moor

Within these areas are many clubs, including STEM Club, Gaming Club, Performance & Music Clubs, Learn Italian, “Up for Debate” debating society, Do it 4 Youth (DofE), Eco Warriors and Science Club, to name but a few.

Regular extra-curricular activities are also supplemented by curriculum trips over the five/seven years that students are with us, to enrich and consolidate their taught curriculum.

These trips may include:  field studies trips, trips to watch theatre plays, exchange visits, trips to sporting venues and rewards trips.

We offer a curriculum which caters for our students’ needs and supports them in fulfilling their ambitions, whilst also fostering a love of learning, the skills to be successful and an understanding of how they can be healthy, safe and well-rounded citizens.