Our curriculum includes a wide and varied extra-curricular offering through the extensive number of clubs, sports teams and performances that our staff offer throughout the year.

All students are actively encouraged to participate in extra-curricular clubs after school as a way of extending their experiences, deepening their knowledge, fostering relationships, promoting good health and enhancing skills. It also broadens students’ interests, making them more rounded individuals.

Additionally, students are exposed to multiple enrichment activities which take place during the school day, including visits from speakers, Bronte lectures run by the English department, theatre productions and trips to enrich the taught curriculum.

Our Extra-Curricular Timetable 2020-21


The following timetable runs during Autumn and Winter months:

This is replaced in Spring and Summer months with clubs and activities in: Athletics; Cricket; Rounders; Tennis; Fitness; and Rowing.

We offer a curriculum which caters for our students’ needs and supports them in fulfilling their ambitions, whilst also fostering a love of learning, the skills to be successful and an understanding of how they can be healthy, safe and well-rounded citizens.