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Student Support

Remote learning can be challenging, however there are a number of things that you can do create the right learning environment at home.

using your initiative to create the right learning environment at home

When working from home, sticking to a routine on each day is key. We recommend that students stick to their school timetable completing work for each subject at the time they would have had the lesson. This will help you manage your workload so you can meet deadlines and not become overwhelmed by the amount set. Alternatively, create your own timetable that works around other commitments you may have, for example when you know you will or won’t have access to IT facilities.

Creating a Timetable
Timetable Template

All of our Student/Parent Guides are available here, as well as links to the different platforms.

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Video Tutorials

We have created some video tutorials which we hope you find helpful.

Using Microsoft Teams

Using ClassCharts

The purpose of home learning is for students to develop and deepen their understanding, skills and knowledge and thereby gain greater independence in their learning.