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Reading for Pleasure at Home

Please read our guide to assist parents with reading at home for their children.

Reading for Pleasure

We know that reading is so vital for young people and we believe that together, we can ensure they have the reading skills required for their future.

Research shows that reading helps to improve vocabulary, communication skills and also makes us better writers. We all need these skills in life and in our workplace. Consider talking to your child about when you use these skills in your own life and work.

The increase in screen-time and social media has been shown to have decreased our focus and concentration levels as people are so used to flicking between apps and scrolling through various websites. Reading can help counter this by providing one thing to focus on.

Did you know that reading has been proven to reduce stress? In today’s world, helping our children with this is so important.

Did you know that research shows children who read for pleasure achieve better, regardless of whether their reading material of choice is a novel or magazine? Please do encourage your child to read a variety of texts that they are interested in.

Did you know research shows that a child who reads/is read to for 5 minutes a day will expose them to around 400,000 words a year? Increasing that to 21 minutes exposes them to 1,823,000 words a year. 40 minutes results in 3,646,000 words a year.