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Welcome to Temple Moor High School’s Virtual Open Day

Visiting a school is usually all about the people; being able to get a sense of the teachers who will be guiding and nurturing your child; seeing the students and trying to envisage your child amongst their new peer group. Whilst that is not quite possible at the moment, Temple Moor students and staff still very much want to meet you and, as a group, have put together some virtual resources whereby you can see them and gain further information about the school through the website.

Our Virtual Open Day resources aim to give you an introduction to Temple Moor High, but there is plenty left to discuss and staff are looking forward to speaking to you in person. If you would like to speak to a specific member of staff or have a question, please send an email to Mrs Hinchliffe, Mr West’s PA, who will be delighted to make the arrangements with you: 

We believe that Temple Moor High is a uniquely special place, with a true sense of community at the heart of what we do. We hope that you get a flavour for the school through this Open Day and we very much look forward to welcoming your application for a place at Temple Moor High school.


Please click on the image below to view our interactive school prospectus.

We hope you enjoy the ‘virtual tour’ of our amazing school.

You will notice a series of icons appearing on each area of the tour.  Please click on these to open up videos and additional information which we hope you will find helpful.

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Welcome from Mr West, Principal

Welcome from Mrs Cuddy, Assistant Principal

Welcome from Mr Sutton, Phase Leader Transition

Our Curriculum
Admissions: Entry for Year 7 in September 2022

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the school have a behaviour management system? 

Yes, like the vast majority of high schools, we operate a positive discipline system. At the heart of this, we actively encourage and reward positive behaviours, which contribute towards fortnightly, end of term and end of year rewards and enrichment opportunities. This includes attitude to learning in the classroom and attending school consistently. Sanctions are given to the minority of students who do not follow school rules and this forms part of a graduated response system. The behaviour system supports our students and gives them the opportunity to achieve their potential whilst helping them to make good decisions and to understand the consequences of good and bad behaviour. 

What are the expectations with attendance?

Students across all years are expected to attend school consistently and on time. This means having an attendance of at least 97% over the course of a year. If students are not able to attend school due to illness, they should contact the school on each morning of the absence. Longer medical absences will need to be certified by a GP or hospital. Medical and dental appointments for students during the school day are discouraged unless necessary.

Can I take my children on holidays in term time?

No, the school policy is that we don’t authorise term time holidays. We expect students to be in school and research into this area shows a clear link between missing school and making less academic progress. Leeds City Council are responsible for issuing Fixed Penalty notices for holidays in term time

How do the results at Temple Moor compare to other schools?

Due to the cancellation of examinations in 2020 and 2021 due to COVID-19, the Government is not issuing 2020 or 2021 performance data on individual schools or the performance of schools nationally.

Our validated performance figures for the previous three years show that students have consistently made a higher rate of progress at Temple Moor than their peers nationally do. 2019’s Progress 8 score of +0.29 was significantly above national average, indicating that students made a third of a grade more progress in all of their subjects (on average) than their peers did nationally. This figure was reflected across all subject elements in the Progress 8 calculation, all of which were in line with or significantly above national average. 2017 and 2018 progress figures were also above national average.

Temple Moor has also invested heavily in its curriculum and this has allowed us to grow the proportion of students studying the full suite of English Baccalaureate subjects, with over half of our students now studying this academic suite of qualifications at KS4. This is above the most recent national average, as is our strong and standard pass rate for the English Baccalaureate certificate.

Does Temple Moor offer a two or three year Key Stage 3?

We operate a three-year KS3 curriculum (Yr 7-9) and a two-year KS4 (Yr 10-11). This allows for a broad and balanced curriculum to be followed for 3 years, enabling students to develop their knowledge and skills prior to making options choices into subjects that will be followed at examination level. At the end of Yr 8, students will select one GCSE/BTEC option but this will be in subjects which broaden the Yr 9 curriculum further rather than subjects being narrowed. The purpose of students taking an option early is to provide additional time across all subjects when students reach Year 11, to ensure they are fully prepared for their examinations.

Are curriculum groups streamed or mixed ability?

A combination of the two is used by the school. On entry into Yr7, students will be streamed based on their SATS or Teacher Assessments for subjects including English, Maths, Humanities and MFL. Other subjects such as Science and Design are taught mixed ability in most cases. English uses mixed ability groupings from Yr8 upwards for most sets.

How big are class sizes?

Classes are typically around 28-30 students. Some groups who require additional learning support are slightly smaller to accommodate need.

Can I apply for one school only?

This is possible but is strongly discouraged. If an application naming just one school is not successful, a child could be placed at wherever has availability in the city ward. Red Kite Learning Trust is the admission authority for Temple Moor which is managed by Leeds City Council. Temple Moor applies the admission fairly to all prospective students but acknowledge that not everyone who applies for a place will be successful. Parents and carers are strongly advised to always use the full quota of five option choices

Does attending a Red Kite Learning Trust primary increase the likelihood of getting a place?

No, all applications are subject to the admissions policy. Specific groups are given priority status such as children who are looked after, those with an Educational Health Care Plan and siblings currently at Temple Moor. Full details can be found on the school website. After National Offer Day, parents are asked to notify the school to confirm or decline their place

How are form groups decided?

Form groups are randomly allocated to ensure balance to the year group. During transition we work closely with Primary schools to support a positive start for Yr7 students. However, we are unable to meet specific requests from parents to place their child with a specific friendship group. Please discuss any concerns you may have with your child’s primary school

What support is given for children with a known Special Educational Needs?

During the transition process our SENCo will discuss the specific needs of the child with the primary school. Support is usually provided through the normal learning and teaching that takes place. We appreciate that parents may have questions about specific medical or learning needs prior to your application. We welcome you to contact us if you are in any doubt. Depending on your child’s needs extra support may include:

  • Short bursts of intensive work, 1 to 1 or in a group, with a teacher or teaching assistant
  • Working with a child on a learning programme to support literacy or numeracy or facilitated intervention, e.g. STARs, Speech and Language therapy
  • Providing coping strategies or a quiet space to help children with their behaviour
  • A teacher adapting how he or she teaches a lesson (for example breaking down the lesson into smaller chunks or by providing additional time)
  • Adapting learning materials to a child’s needs
  • Using special equipment or ICT

Is the uniform bought directly from the school?

Parts of the school uniform (trousers, skirt, shirts) can be purchased from any uniform stockist, such as high street supermarkets. The school tie and jumper need to be purchased from either Rawcliffes or the ‘Uniform Shop’, either in store or online. We place a great importance on students wearing our uniform with pride and as such have high expectations. We believe that our uniform is affordable, practical and gives children an identity with the school.

What will the Transition support look like?

We expect to invite Yr6 students into the school in the summer term for some taster experiences of Temple Moor. They will take part in lessons, meet key staff and orientate themselves into the school. All families will also be given the opportunity to attend an information evening and listen to staff and students talk about the Yr7 experience.  We work closely with our Primary schools to understand the individual needs and profile of each child that moves to Temple Moor.

What extra-curricular opportunities does the school offer?

We offer a wide range of extra-curricular activities for students to take part and strongly encourage all children to get involved in at least one club or activity. Year 7 will take part in an extended school day four days a week. Part of this will involve students choosing an enrichment option to take part in each half term. The options include a sports STEM, engineering, Languages and Music to name but a few. In addition to this, the school has a number of successful sports teams, dance and music opportunities that take part in local and regional competitions.

Where do children progress to after finishing Temple Moor?

The end of compulsory schooling remains on the completion of Yr11. Following this, students are encouraged to apply for a place at our Sixth Form, for which we see around 60% of students progress to. We offer a range of A Levels and BTEC equivalent courses which set a firm base for Higher Education study or Higher-Level Apprenticeships at post-18. If A Levels are not for you, we work closely with our local Further Education colleges to support students moving to college to study vocational courses. A high number of our students progress to Leeds College of Building and Leeds City College every year to study courses such as building, childcare and engineering. Progression to University at Post-18 is a popular pathway and we have seen students take up places at Russell Group institutions such as Cambridge, Durham and University College London to read courses including Medicine, Aeronautical Engineering and Teaching.    

Appeal process

If you have not been given a school place at Temple Moor that you wanted, you can appeal against the decision to an independent appeals panel. If you wish to appeal against a decision for a Year 7 place, you need to complete an appeals form from the Admission Team at Leeds City Council.

All appeal requests received will be heard by Leeds City Council within 40 school days.

Appeals can still be submitted after this date and will be heard within 30 school days from the date when the appeal is received by the Local Authority, but this may not be before the end of the academic year. You will receive at least 10 school days’ notice of any appeal hearing.

You must ensure any additional evidence you wish to submit in support of your appeal is received by the Admissions Team at least four working days before your appeal. Any material not submitted by the specified deadline may not be considered by the Independent Appeal Panel. You must also inform the Local Authority if you intend to call any witnesses or be represented at the appeal hearing. Decision letters will be sent within five working days of the hearing.

The TMHS Learning Journey


Throughout the school, from Year 6 induction to Year 13 final exams, we are committed to maximising the opportunities our children have inside and outside the classroom and sending them on with the skills, qualities and achievements to thrive.