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Uniform & PE Kit

Our school uniform is available to be purchased from Rawcliffe’s and the Uniform Shop either in store or online https://www.rawcliffesleeds.co.uk/

School dress, or uniform, identifies the student with the school. It aims and helps towards establishing acceptable common standards among our students. It is practical and compares favourably in price with alternative wear. We have always enjoyed strong parental support for this policy, and we expect this to continue.

Navy blue V-necked jumpers with the Temple Moor motif are available from:

617 Roundhay Road,

Orders can be made online here

The School Uniform Shop (Jo Brands)
369-373 Harehills Lane,


  • Grey trousers

  • White shirt

  • Navy blue V-necked jumper with school logo

  • School tie

  • Black leather shoes (NO logos or velcro)

See approved footwear booklet



  • Grey skirt or trousers

  • White shirt

  • Navy blue V-necked jumper with school logo

  • School tie

  • Black leather shoes (NO logos or velcro)

PE Kit

PE kit is compulsory at Temple Moor for reasons of both safety and hygiene. We trust, therefore, that parents will support the school by encouraging their children to maintain high standards of sporting attire.

Students must bring and change into their kit every lesson.  If they have an excuse note due to injury, then they must still change into their kit and officiate in a role that will not affect their injury.  The only exception to this is when they are physically unable to change.

It is an expectation that a bobble is brought to tie up long hair.

Compulsory Items for all students

  • Outdoor multi sports top with Temple Moor logo

  • Sport polo shirt with Temple Moor logo

  • Navy blue shorts

  • Navy blue football socks

All students require football boots and indoor trainers. Please note that only trainers with non-marking soles will be allowed to be worn indoors. All kit must be clearly named so that it can be identified if it is lost. All items of kit can be purchased at Rawcliffe’s HERE

In winter tracksuit bottoms are permitted. These must be either black, navy blue or grey. Jackets are not permitted. However, in cold weather it is recommended that one or more base layers (skins) are worn. The outer most layer must have the Temple Moor logo.

Rawcliffes Uniform Covid 19 Letter

Summer :  Easter to July

In the Summer term students have the option to wear the Temple Moor polo shirt, Temple Moor motif, rather than the shirt and tie.

As a uniformed school we have clear guidelines as to what our expectations are.  We do not allow:

  • Trainers

  • Denim clothing

  • Knitwear, sweatshirts or hooded tops with, or without logos

  • Glittery eye shadow or heavy eye liner

  • Outdoor coats being worn in school

  • Inappropriate nail length

Make-up worn should be no more than expected in a professional working environment.

Students’ names should be clearly labelled in each item of clothing and equipment.


Jewellery is not permitted to be worn by students (with the exception of a wrist watch).  Please note:  Smart watches that are enable to receive and send messages are not permitted to be worn by students.

Mobile Phones/Personal Devices

Mobile phones and other electronic equipment are not allowed in school.  The school policy is to confiscate mobile phones if they are seen and returned to the student at the end of that day.  Repeated incidents would warrant confiscation and collection by parents at the earliest opportunity.  If a student is seen with a mobile phone at the end of the school day whilst on the school premises, they will be issued with a detention to be sat the following day.


Bicycles left at school are at your own risk and need to be securely locked in the cycle storage area.  This area is unsupervised so please ensure that the lock is robust.

Pastoral staff work closely with students and parents/carers to support them through any difficulties that they might be experiencing.