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School Meals and Catering

Sample Weekly Menu

Our Meal Deal Combo

Catering at Temple Moor

Since 2006 when Temple Moor took the Catering Facility in house, our ethos and emphasis has been on producing tempting, tasty freshly prepared meals and snacks.  We use the best quality, locally sourced seasonal produce.

Allergy Advice

Our food is produced fresh daily in a kitchen where allergens are present and therefore cannot be guaranteed to be allergen free.  Information is available on request about our products, both in-house and from external suppliers.

Healthy Eating

At Temple Moor we understand establishing a balanced, healthy diet in childhood which helps develop and maintain healthy eating habits for life.  In order to achieve this we offer our students a wide range of hot and cold, traditional and world foods and snacks and drinks, with aim to helping them make good healthy food choices.

Meal Times

Our ‘food day’ begins with before-school breakfast, served between 7.45 am – 8.15am; scientifically proven to be the most important meal of the day!  The breakfast choice typically includes hot and cold drinks, cereal, yoghurt, fruit, toast, fruit teacake, crumpets, freshly baked baguettes and of course the ubiquitous bacon sandwich!

Break 1: runs from 10:50 am – 11:10 am and has the same range of breakfast offerings, with the added opportunity to pick up a sandwich or ‘grab bag’ for students undertaking lunchtime activities and clubs.

Break 2:  year groups are split and eat at separate times to ensure, as much as possible, a positive enjoyable meal break with time for students to socialise with friends and enjoy the wide choice of food on offer.

Cashless Catering

Advice for new Year 7 parents:

When your son or daughter joins us at Temple Moor a catering account is automatically generated for them.  Once they have had their thumb print registered, accounts can be topped-up online.  If you do not receive your registration letter, please email: with your child’s details to arrange.

Students in receipt of free school meals have the allowance paid daily to their account which can also be topped-up with an online payment, for any additional purchases.

Ways to Pay

Online:  you will receive a letter informing you of your child’s individual pin number.  You will be able transfer funds from your bank account, monitor what your child is buying daily and see how much they are spending.

Click here to top-up online.


All accounts are capped at £5.00 daily spend to help minimise over-spending, but if you feel that you want to reduce this amount, please email or telephone me with your request.

Elaine Barker, Catering Manager
Telephone:  0113 390 0793

Healthy Schools

Having been awarded Leeds Advanced Healthy Schools Award we, as a school, are due to ‘re-validate’ our Healthy Schools status.

However, the recent changes nationally with Healthy Schools Awards and the launch of the Healthy Schools Enhancement Model (HSEM) in 2010, means that there are changes in the way that we apply to be accredited.

We will now complete an Annual Review to demonstrate that we are meeting the 41 criteria for National Healthy Schools Status. Having completed this, we will then be invited to engage with the Enhancement Model.

The Healthy Schools Enhancement Model (HSEM) has been designed to help schools to develop the wider thinking and planning they will need to do, in order to achieve better outcomes around health and wellbeing for children and young people. It is intended to help schools strive for lasting health and well-being behaviour changes in children and young people, with a particular focus on providing targeted support for those who are most at risk. The enhancement model will also help schools identify the links between health and wellbeing and achievement and attainment in school.

The HSEM is an eight stage model divided into three phases – planning, delivering and understanding what has changed. The format will help schools do this work in manageable stages and is anticipated to take schools two to three years to complete.

At Temple Moor High School we are working towards the model by setting up a working party involving staff, students, governors, parents and representatives from the wider community who will work to embed the principles of the Healthy Schools Award throughout the school. The work will be carried out during this academic year.