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Contact Us

Key Contact Details

Our Receptionists are Mrs Burchell and Mrs Dickinson

General Enquiries

0113 390 0770

Attendance Line     

0113 390 0770 Ext:  7222

S McAndrew,  SENDCo

0113 390 0770 Ext:  7226

J Hinchliffe
Mr West’s Personal Assistant

0113 390 0770

Making Contact with school

We want everyone to be happy with their experience of our school, but if you do have any concerns or issues, we would encourage you to try to resolve these as informally as possible.  Concerns should be raised by telephone, email or in person with the relevant member of staff.  The best person to speak with initially would be the person who has the best understanding of the situation or issue of concern, who will be able to answer your queries, for example, a concern regarding homework, or a particular subject could be raised with the subject teacher, a concern about your child’s friendship with another child could be raised with their Form Tutor and a concern regarding teaching or the curriculum could be raised with the Head of Department. For concerns that have already been brought to the attention of school staff and no solution has been found, parents may then decide to raise this with the Deputy Principal or Principal. ​

Wherever possible, informal concerns will be responded to quickly and resolved amicably and we politely ask that you are mindful of colleagues’ availability, particularly classroom-based staff, in your expectation to response times.

The Chair of the Joint Governing Board

You can email the Chair of the Joint Governing Board, Mr Brown, via the Clerk to Governors, Mrs Hinchliffe, HERE

The Senior Leadership Team

Mr M West: Principal & Executive Leader

Mr A Beecroft:  Deputy Principal (Safeguarding, Inclusion & Student Wellbeing)

Mr J Hudson: Deputy Principal (Quality of Education)

Mrs H Britton: Senior Assistant Principal (Pastoral)

Miss G Yaseen: Senior Assistant Principal (Teaching & Learning)

Mrs K Cuddy: Assistant Principal (Student Cohorts)

Mr S Lawrence: Assistant Principal (Behaviour)

Miss R Leach: Assistant Principal (Curriculum Regeneration)

Mrs J Millar: Business & Operations Manager

Pastoral Colleagues

If you need to contact a member of our Pastoral Team below please either telephone or email them directly in the first instance.

Pastoral Support Officer (External Agencies & Provisions) | Mrs J Smith | | extension 7234

Phase Leader for Transition (Year 6 into Year 7)
Mr M Sutton | | Extension 7208

Phase Leader for Key Stage 3 (Years 7, 8 and 9)
Miss H Matthews | | extension 7210

Pastoral Support Officer (Year 7) | Mr D Moxon | | extension 7245

Pastoral Officer (Year 8) | Mr G Nicholson |  | extension 7282

Pastoral Support Officer (Year 9) | Mr D Hollingworth | | extension 7242  

Phase Leader for Key Stage 4 (Years 10 and 11)
Mr J Barratt | | extension 7214

Pastoral Support Officer (Year 10) | Mrs L Campey | | extension 7240

Pastoral Support Officer (Year 11) | Mrs M Constantine | | extension 7246   

Phase Leader for Key Stage 5 (Sixth Form)
Miss R Cowlard | | extension 7272

Pastoral Leader (Post 16) | Mrs S Pearson | | extension 7269   

If you need to contact us with a child protection and/or safeguarding issue then please contact one of the Pastoral Officers above, who are all Designated Child Protection Officers.

Designated Safeguarding Lead |  Mr A Beecroft, Deputy Principal |

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead |  Mrs J Smith, Pastoral Officer |

Temple Moor High School
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