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The Citizenship & PSHE Curriculum

In Citizenship and PSHE we ask big questions about our society and the world which we live in by:

  • Encouraging students to think more deeply about their behaviour and their rights and responsibilities as a member of British society
  • Helping students to appreciate their local community and introduce them to people who may have expertise or experience that helps students to see new points of view and make better decisions.
  • Introducing students to the key institutions of our democracy, explaining how they work, how they can get involved and what problems we still have to solve as a country
  • Appreciating the British values that permeate all our lives
  • Encouraging to reflect on their own development whilst planning for their futures
  • Developing the knowledge, skills and attributes they need to keep themselves healthy and safe, and to prepare them for life and work in modern Britain.

All of the work we do is built around the statutory national curriculum for Citizenship and the non-statutory framework for PSHE, supported through a combined programme with Religious Education.

Year 7

In Year 7 we deal with a wide variety of topics including Diversity in Britain, Mental Health, Careers, Drugs and Relationships Education.

Year 8

In Year 8 we look at Human Rights, Crime and Punishment in the UK (introducing students to the role of the Criminal Justice System), Democracy (introducing key political institutions), Mental Well-being, Relationships Education, and Careers relevant topics.

Year 9

In year 9 we look at issues around Personal Safety, Mental Health, Prevent, Relationship and Drugs Education. Year 9 Communication lessons also support the delivery of the Careers programme for this year group.

Key Stage 4

As part of the wider qualifications that students undertake the Certificate in Financial Education offers students the opportunity to look at wider Citizenship and PSHE topics in relation to their study, including the role of the Citizen and the state, and Governmental issues. Students are all entitled to specific and age appropriate Relationships and Careers Education.

Key Stage 5

Students through their allocated CPD have time to debate and discuss wider world issues, including political and social issues. Students also have a number of guest speakers and workshops offered to support them in their personal development, including outside speakers from the world of business, education and health.

Relationships Education

All students are entitled to age appropriate Relationships Education (RSE). This is a planned spiral programme that builds knowledge year on year aimed at equipping our students with the skills to deal with the physical and emotional changes that occur during their lives.

Supporting all of this is our Assembly & Form time programme which allows for students to have time to reflect on issues related to key Citizenship and PSHE at key points in the year, related often to national and international events of significance. This is supported where appropriate with the use of outside speakers and the wider school enrichment programme

All of these topics cover the key requirements of the relevant curricula and fully support our wider school commitment to the issues related to British Values.

Our Teachers:

Mr J Scott (Programme Leader)
Miss D Clark
Mr M Audsley
Ms A Bell
Miss A Thursby
Miss H Cadey
Mr P Sharp
Mr D Coates
Mr M Bryant
Miss S Cameron
Mrs E Cartwright
Miss G Newman
Mr S Parkes
Dr J Stephenson
Mrs H Roper

If you would like to know more about the Citizenship & PSHE curriculum please contact Mr J Scott, Programme Leader at:

Telephone:  0113 390 0770