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The History Curriculum

In History students develop their knowledge and understanding of the past and build their critical thinking and analytical skills which prepares them for the wider world.

Key Stage 3

In KS3 students have 4 lessons a fortnight which allows them to cover a variety of content. In Year 7 students begin to develop their historical skills and understanding by studying the conquest of Britain up to 1066 and the changes experienced with each conquest. Students will develop their understanding of historical interpretation by focusing on life within Medieval England. Moreover, students will continue to broaden their historical skills as they begin to develop their explanation skills whilst studying the Tudors. Finally, students focus on the Industrial Revolution, whereby they begin to critically interrogate historical interpretations.

By Year 8 student historical skills are being furthered with the study of sources and investigating their reliability and utility through the study of Jack the Ripper. Students will focus on understanding the use of historical interpretations to help them investigate the Slave Trade and the Civil Rights Movement. Local history becomes the focus of students when they study WW1 and the consequence this had upon Leeds at the time and beyond. With paramount significance students study the Holocaust and develop their understanding of this event and the significance of this event within History and today.

Within Year 9 the challenge is increased, and students begin to independently analyse historical concepts and sources. They are challenged to think about key historical concepts over the long term in a development study of Protest over Time. They will begin within Medieval England, focusing on the causes of protest and the consequences this had on the public. They will encounter the changes that developed in the Renaissance and how power started to transform from the government to the people. In the 18th and 19th Century they will begin to look beyond England and compare the protest methods within Europe and the significance of these protests. Finally, the will be challenged to think about the Modern period and how violence has begun to transform the methods of protest.

Key Stage 4

In KS4 students will have 6 lessons a fortnight where they study the Edexcel History GCSE. There are three different papers which the students sit at the end of Year 11. The students will study within Year 10 Weimar and Nazi Germany, focusing on developing the source and interpretation analysis skills. At the same time, they will study Medicine through Time, where they will focus on a development study where they focus on the development of Medicine from 1250 through to the present day. They will begin to analyse and explain significance, cause, consequence and similarity and difference. Within this study there will be focus on WW1 and the impact this had on Medicine. Within Year 11 the students will study the American West and Anglo Saxon and Norman England. These will develop their understanding of the key content and their analysis of historical concepts.

Post 16

In Post 16 students study the Edexcel A-Level, which covers 3 different papers and an independent coursework study, which are sat at the end of Year 13. Paper One focuses on Germany and West Germany from 1918-89 whereby they focus on the changes experienced over time, they use this to interrogate and critically evaluate interpretations. Paper Two covers the Rise and Fall of Fascist Italy, this is the depth study where students cover the analysis of sources and extended written skills by evaluating the key events. Within Paper Three students focus on the Tudors; looking at the rebellions within this period, whereby the develop source analysis skills and extended critical analysis of the key turning points within this period. Finally, students develop their own enquiry using historical interpretations, whereby they construct their own response to a historical debate.

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