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The ICT Curriculum

The ICT Faculty is housed in four specially designed ICT classrooms providing the team with a fantastic opportunity to deliver the courses we offer to an exceptionally high standard. With the new high tech equipment available for all students to use, we have expanded the courses we offer. All students will have the opportunity to learn coding in both a visual and textual format. Every course and qualification has been tailored to ensure that all students can achieve their maximum potential learning new programmes and software.

Key Stage 3

Years 7 & 8 are about inspiring students to be creative and imaginative whilst developing their ICT & Computer Science skills and knowledge. This will also provide them with a solid foundation which can then be built upon at Key Stage 4 and beyond, these include visual programming using Scratch and textual programming using Python, digital application skills covering Adobe Creative Cloud suite and essential ICT skills within Microsoft Office.

Key Stage 4

Option 1 OCR GCSE Computer Science

Computer Science is engaging and practical, encouraging creativity and problem solving. It encourages students to develop their understanding and application of the core concepts in computer science. Students will learn about computer hardware, networks, handling data and security. Students also analyse problems and devise creative solutions by designing, writing, testing and evaluating programs.

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Option 2 OCR Cambridge Nationals Creative iMedia Option

Cambridge Nationals in Creative iMedia provide knowledge in a number of key areas in the media sector from pre-production skills to digital animation with a strong focus on ICT skills. The Creative iMedia course is suitable for students at all levels and abilities, engaging and inspiring students through a range of disciplines. Creative iMedia consist of four units: digital graphics, web design, multimedia design and pre-production skills.

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Key Stage 5

Y12 OCR ICT Cambridge Technicals Level 3 Diploma
Y13 OCR ICT Cambridge Technicals Level 3 Diploma

Students will follow the Application Developer pathway and complete two Externally Examined Units; Fundamentals of IT and Global Information and 3 Internally Assessed Coursework Units; Application Design, Product Development and Web Design and Prototyping

Developing ICT solutions means working with people to find a solution. This work can be challenging, but it is also creative, innovative, fast paced, stimulating, and offers a lot of fun and excitement along the way. This qualification will help students develop their knowledge, understanding and skills of the principles of IT and Global Information Systems. They will gain an insight into the IT sector as they investigate the pace of technological change, IT infrastructure, the flow of information on a global scale, and the importance of legal and security considerations. This course focuses on the requirements that universities and employers expect.

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To find out more about the ICT curriculum please contact Mr M Gardner, Programme Leader, at:

Email:  m.gardner@tmhs.co.uk
Telephone:  0113 390 0770