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The Personal Development Curriculum

Subject aim

The aim of Personal Development is to enable students to become effective members of society, contributing to the wider community, with a strong moral compass.

To achieve this, we equip students with the knowledge and understanding of the real world. The curriculum is about ensuring students can make positive decisions, in potentially difficult circumstances, which they may face in their lives. We want to create a curriculum that evokes curiosity in all students‘ minds, with them knowing that they can make a positive difference in their community, and which provides opportunity to explore different viewpoints, including their own, on different social issues.

Details about the curriculum structure:

The Personal Development curriculum contains much more than just PSHE themes. It is underpinned by a range of other educational opportunities and frameworks, which gives students a platform to demonstrate and develop important life and employability skills. Students are able to explore concepts and diverse views, gaining a real world perspective.

The curriculum gives equal weighting to the PSHE themes of Health and Wellbeing, Relationships and Sex Education (SRE), and Careers and Economic Wellbeing. RE is also a fundamental strand which is taught throughout these topics. It is vital students gain an understanding about each of these topic areas and as such the curriculum is spiralled to ensure that appropriate knowledge is acquired at the right developmental stages for each student at Temple Moor. This allows students to explore key concepts from past years and continually build on them, which is of increasing importance because of the dynamic and diverse Britain we live in today.

The curriculum is built around the following 6 keys:

No one Personal Development Key is studied in isolation, the keys interweave amongst each other, allowing for greater understanding about key concepts and ideas. Students are able to formulate links between key concepts and apply them regularly in Personal Development lessons and across their entire curriculum. Students are able incorporate the principles of Fundamental British Values, SMSC and Religious contexts’ to the curriculum to understand different viewpoints and social issues.

What will students study?

The Personal Development curriculum has six keys to success. These keys allow for an in-depth analysis into important aspects of young people’s lives, the world they live in today and as they eventually become adults. Whilst each key has a particular PSHE theme, there are numerous opportunities for inter-weaved learning across the entire statutory and non-statutory PSHE education framework and more. The following concepts are explored in each Key for each year group:

Aspirations – this key focuses on goal setting, employability skills, option choices, types of jobs, career routes, labour market information and ultimately creating CV’s and Personal Statements in preparation for further and higher education and jobs. This is covered during half term 1.

Character – focuses on building positive character traits in every student and helping them to recognise the difficult decisions they may have to face in the future, specifically around legal and illegal substances, peer pressure and online behaviours. This key helps to build a student’s knowledge on how to make positive decisions in potentially difficult circumstances. This is covered during half term 2.

Wellbeing – focuses on mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. Students explore language used to describe these areas and how they can be proactive in supporting their own wellbeing. This is covered during half term 3.

Relationships – focuses on students building and maintaining positive relationships, sex and contraception and sexual health. This key is the main focus for teaching students about Relationships and Sex Education. In September 2020 this is mandatory for all schools to teach, further guidance will be forthcoming this academic year around changes to this framework and parental support. This is covered during half term 4.

Diversity – focuses on students understanding the diverse and modern Britain that we live in today. Students will explore concepts around valuing differences, tackling prejudice and stigmas, understanding how people may identify and the changing adolescent body. This is covered during half term 5.

Equality – focuses on ensuring students know their rights and responsibilities as a British citizen, including the rule of law, and they will also explore about economic wellbeing. This is covered during half term 6.

Enrichment and extra-curricular opportunities in the subject

The Golden Threads are skills that students develop across their entire Temple Moor curriculum. These are transferrable competencies and powerful knowledge to be used in all subjects and in their lives outside of school. Personal Development is one of our Golden Threads.

Students have the platform in Personal Development lessons to develop these competencies for life and to continually demonstrate these in a range of situations. Students also have ample opportunity in extra-curricular activities and enrichment opportunities to demonstrate and apply the Golden Threads.

Enrichment activities for Personal Development include external organisations working with our students, career workshops, employer visits and, for the first time this year, an outdoor and adventurous residential, which will be a platform for students to explore their learning outside of the classroom.

Contact details to find out more about our curriculum

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