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The Physical Education Curriculum


This course is about understanding how the body works in relation to sports performance, how health and wellbeing impacts the body and its systems and how to create a training programme for a specific sports performer. It also gives you the opportunity to develop and apply your skills and techniques in a range of sports. You must also be willing to participate fully in all sports selected within these lessons and be comfortable in a mixed sex group.

What will I learn?

The GCSE PE Course is made up of four components that are added up together to calculate an overall grade and the components are:

  • Fitness and the Body Systems (1hour 45minute exam) 36%
  • Health and Performance (1 hour 15minute exam) 24%
  • Practical Performance (top scores are taken from three sports, one team, one individual and one other) 30%
  • Personal Exercise Programme (coursework) 10%

(The percentage in bold indicates how much each component is worth in relation to the overall grade)  This course will develop your knowledge about the topics mentioned above whilst learning key exam technique so you are confident when answering a range of questions from multiple choice to 8 mark longer answer ones.

How will I be assessed and what is the course worth?

The course is assessed with 60% being two written exams, 30% is your practical performance over three different sports and 10% is coursework based on a personal exercise programme, overall it is worth 1 GCSE level 4-9.

Who is the course suitable for?

This course is suitable for students who would like to pursue a career in PE and Sport and self-motivated and enthusiastic. It is aimed at those who prefer exams and are already confident in performing across at least three sports and have the drive and desire to develop their skills further.

How will this course prepare me to move onto Further Education after Year 11?

You could continue onto a Higher Level Qualification such as a Level 3 BTEC National in Sport or a Cambridge Technical Certificate. You could also take a variety of other A-levels (including A-level PE) assuming you passed their entry requirements.

The AIM (Year 7 and 8 Core PE)

The focus of Core PE lessons is to develop students’ skills and the ability to perform them in isolation and in competitive situations with increasing consistency, accuracy and precision throughout this learning cycle. The activities have been chosen to prepare students as effectively as possible for examination PE. This allows them to build on their skills, knowledge and understanding within the sport so when they reach Years 10 and 11 they have significant experience and have developed their quality of decision making within certain scenarios which will allow them to access the higher practical marks. There will also be an emphasis on leadership skills, making students aware of what this means and looks like in PE, as well as how it can be transferred to other subjects across school. Staff must plan to allow opportunities for students to take ownership of their learning and therefore develop their initiative and leadership skills, this may be done through a range of methods and will be different for each student.

There is a new assessment criteria which will be used in year 7 and 8 which will be launched in Sept 2018. It has been created to support the two main focuses of the curriculum as mentioned above: Skill development/acquisition AND Leadership. In the last week (or two lessons) of each activity block staff will carry out an overall assessment of each students progress in relation to the new assessment criteria in line with the schools CAA Policy.

The ‘quality time’ in PE will be during game play opportunities. Students will take ownership of the game situation in relation to tactics, strategies and leadership and staff will take a step back whenever appropriate. As the students become more familiar with this approach then staff will have less and less input during the ‘quality time’ which will allow students to become resilient, more empowered to take ownership of their learning which interrelates with the leadership approach.

All students will follow a fitness and table tennis Scheme of Work during the winter months to promote consistent high quality teaching and learning and maximise the indoor facilities that we have. Staff must introduce basic theoretical elements during the fitness unit, focusing on components of fitness and training methods primarily and relate them to activities and sports when and where appropriate.

Year 9, 10 and 11 Core PE

The curriculum has been designed to support positive outcomes in relation to examination PE. All top sets will cover key sports that have/will be taught during GCSE PE lessons to cement their knowledge and provide further opportunity to develop skills and understanding so they will hopefully access the higher grades during their practical assessment. This includes the top set boys groups doing netball or handball (whichever is most appropriate) and the top set girls groups to do netball twice.

Other PE groups have more flexibility; the main focus should be on engagement, high activity levels and promoting the importance of exercise throughout the rest of their lives.  ‘Quality time’ will also be a feature of all lessons and will run exactly like Year 7 and Year 8 Core PE lessons.

Our Teachers:

Mr J Taberner
Miss J Hodgson
Mrs H Britton
Mrs K Cuddy
Mr C Sergeant
Mr J Barratt
Mr M Hunt
Miss H Matthews
Mr D Coates
Mr A Beecroft

If you would like any further information please contact Mr J Taberner and Miss J Hodgson, Programme Leaders at:

Email: /
Telephone:  0113 390 0770