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  • Over 4,000 audio-visual Pods

  • Watch on mobile devices, tablets and PCs

  • Designed to squeeze exactly the right knowledge you need for exam success into short 3 – 5 minute chunks

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Tassomai is an award winning piece of software that promotes students’ retention and understanding of the material covered in GCSE Science qualifications, through the continual retrieval of knowledge, which research studies have shown will promote long term memory (Efrat Furst, Impact – Sept 18).

The software sets daily sets of questions for students to complete as their daily goal, which take approximately 5 minutes per day. The software then learns which areas of the specification are commonly answered correctly and incorrectly, and targets future questions on incorrect topics more frequently than those which were previously correct.

Additionally, this software provides valuable insight into pupils’ strengths and areas of development, to inform teaching and learning sequences and allow teaching to be responsive to the needs of learners.

Further details can be found by watching this video:

Strong evidence shows that the more this software is used over a long period of time, the more impact it has. Parental support in encouraging their children to complete their daily goal is essential in supporting the use of this software to achieve maximum benefit for students.

Students will need to register for the software using the school details provided by their Science teacher. Registration must be done initially via the web, but apps can then be downloaded for Android and Apple stores once registered.


During Y11 and Y10, subjects support students in preparing for final examinations by putting on additional support classes at the end of the normal school day. These run between 3:00 pm and 4:00 pm typically. Analysis of the impact of Period 6 from previous cohorts shows that it has significant and demonstrable impact on students’ final outcomes if it is regularly attended.

Students identified as having particular support needs are requested for these sessions by subject teachers, but the sessions are open to all students who can attend and are encouraged to do so. However, there is an expectation of attendance to these if a student is specifically requested. This request will be communicated via the school’s MyEd App, via text and via student lists which are displayed on the atrium and common room notice board.

These sessions are planned and delivered by the subject teachers, using the information and insight they have gained from classwork, homework, dialogue and PPE’s. This allows teachers to target additional sessions on areas of knowledge or skills which have been demonstrated as needing further development. Therefore, they are tailored to the emerging needs of groups of students.

Student attendance at these sessions is one of the condition of attendance at the Y11 Prom. As such, it is important that students do attend when they are requested or when need to access additional support. Parental support with encouraging attendance is also vital if the school is to ensure that all students benefit from this additional support.

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