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Welcome to Temple Moor High School’s Sixth Form Virtual Open Event

Dear Student and Parent/Carer

Thank you taking the time to read through our iProspectus. I am confident it will showcase why Temple Moor High School Sixth Form is the best place for you to continue your education.  We are fiercely proud of our Sixth Form students, year on year, they achieve outstanding outcomes, both academically but also personally. Each year we have students who achieve the highest A* to B grades in their A Levels and the highest accolade of Distinction* in their vocational qualifications. Our iProspectus will provide you with a wealth of information about the broad range of qualifications we have on offer at Temple Moor and the additional opportunities available for you.

Temple Moor will support you with excellent teaching and the best pastoral support.  In doing so, we will best prepare you for your next steps in your future learning, education, training or employment. We work hard, to embody our vision of ‘the pursuit of excellence’ and we demonstrate this through our values of collaboration, respect and integrity.  We know, that by working by these values, we can provide you with the ‘power of choice’.  Creating meaningful opportunities to learn and develop as a person in a safe and welcoming environment. Where dedicated staff work to a singular goal, that being, to give you the very best life chances, through attaining high quality qualifications and experiences that will serve you well in adult life.

At Temple Moor Sixth Form, we not only support your academic programme of study, with a carefully designed and progressive curriculum, we look to offer you opportunities to grow as a person. Developing and nurturing your skills and competencies through: leadership training, resiliency and character development, employability skills development and increasing your knowledge of the work place and future career opportunities.

We are here, to ensure you can unlock your true potential and help you reach your own personal goals.  Be those, working in medicine or the care industries, leading as a sports coach, playing a vital role within the NHS, training to practice law or set up your own business or social enterprise.

Unlike other colleges, we know you well.  You matter to us here, you will be just another student there. We know you have experienced a break in education because of the pandemic and we know how to close those gaps in your education.  We have designed a regenerative curriculum for you to prepare for our Sixth form, something a college cannot offer – tailored to you needs.  We have familiar patient and caring teachers, who have supported you, and worked with you, since you joined us.  They want to continue to work with you in the Sixth form and finish the job properly by preparing you for your future and help you be the best version of yourself.

Matthew West


Please click on this image to read our new Sixth Form iProspectus.

Here you can read all about our Sixth Form facilities and course provision.

Virtual Tour of the School

We hope you enjoy the ‘virtual tour’ of our amazing school.

You will notice a series of icons appearing on each area of the tour.  Please click on these to open up videos and additional information which we hope you will find helpful.

360 virtual tour of the school
Site Map of the School

Welcome from Mrs Cuddy:  Phase Leader, Key Stage 5

Welcome from Mrs Pearson:  Pastoral Leader, Key Stage 5

read our admissions statement

Course Information & Videos

Here you can watch a video, or listen to an audio file which will tell you more about what you can expect if you study at Temple Moor Sixth Form and a chance to see some of our amazing team.

Fine Art


BTEC Business

Business Studies


Digital Media

English Language

English Literature




Government & Politics

Graphic Communication

Health & Social Care



Mathematical Studies


Further Maths




Product Design




Textile Design

Sport & Physical Activity

Sport & Physical Activity:  Enrichment Opportunities

Sixth Form Admissions Application Forms

There are two application forms, one for internal applicants and one for external applicants.  Please select the appropriate form, download, save, complete the form and return via email to:

Application Form for Internal Applicants

Download form

Application Form for External Applicants

download form

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the entry requirements for Sixth Form?

In order to gain a place in Sixth Form you would need to achieve 5 GCSE’s at a 4 and above. This is the minimum requirement and there are additional subject requirements which can be found in the prospectus.

Level 2 qualifications will require 4 GCSE grades a 2+.

How many subjects do I study at Level 3?

You will choose 3 subjects to study across the 2 years, all 3 subjects must be studied for the full 2 years.

How many subjects would I study for Level 2?

You would choose 1 Level 2 pathway, this could either be Health Care, Sports Education, Business Digital Management or Hairdressing. For each pathway you would study your main vocational pathway course and an employability course to support your learning and development.

Can I change my course choice?

If you wish to change course at the beginning of year 12 then you must speak with the Sixth Form Team who will discuss your options with you, although movement is not guaranteed we will do what we can to support you. There will be a cut off date for movement, which you will be informed of at the start of term.

Is the behaviour system the same as in main school?

No, far from it. In Sixth Form we would like to treat you as an adult, so we have a professional code of conduct that we ask you to adhere to. Our expectations are high within sixth form and throughout your time with us we will help and encourage you to display behaviours that you would require in your next steps, be that University, Apprenticeship or employment.

What are the expectations for attendance?

Part of our role within the sixth form is to get you ‘work place ready’, and as such we expect what employers would expect in terms of attendance. This means that you would attend all of your timetabled sessions. If you are ill, then you would be expected to contact the Sixth Form Team to advise us of your illness and when you are likely to be returning to your studies.

Can I take holidays in term time?

No, we do not allow holidays within term time as this directly affects attendance and this can have an affect on your desired next steps. Places on apprenticeships are highly competitive and attendance is one aspect that can impact on your application success. There are also many employers who have specific attendance requirements (all of which are high), so in not allowing holidays we are helping to support you move forward.

How do the results at Temple Moor compare to other schools and colleges?

Due to the cancellation of the examinations in 2020 due to COVID-19, the government are not issuing the 2020 performance data on individual schools or the performance of schools nationally.

Previous to this our validated data shows that are results are highly competitive with other schools and college around Leeds and Nationally. We add value to the students who study with us and allow them to progress onto their desired next steps.

Can I leave site when I don’t have a lesson?

Yes, this is one of the benefits of Sixth Form, you begin to make choices about how your use your time. You are able to leave site, the only requirement is that you sign in and our as appropriate for safeguarding.

The TMHS Learning Journey


A stepping stone to University or employment with new opportunities, yet familiar support