Student Fundraising

2021-10-12T12:36:38+00:00October 12th, 2021|

On 24 September, Oliver, one of our amazing Year 8 students, took part in the 2021 Annual Ron Elkington Memorial Swim, organised by the Kippax Swimming Club.

Oliver swam an astounding 118 lengths and to date has raised £146.70 in donations, which will be given to both the Yorkshire Cancer Centre, who treated Ron, and the Swimming Club, to help buy new equipment.  This morning Oliver met the Principal, Mr West, to tell him all about his sponsored swim and he also explained what was involved in his weekly training schedule, as Oliver participates in swimming galas all across the county.

Well done Oliver!  We are really proud of you and your fund-raising achievements, in aid of such worthy causes.

If you would like to contribute towards Oliver’s fundraising you can do so by contacting the Swimming Club’s Chairperson at: