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Exams 2022 – Advanced Information


The Government have announced that their intention is for examinations to take place in Summer 2022. Whilst contingency plans are in place, should there be disruption due to COVID-19 which prevents examinations taking place, it is highly likely exams will occur and OFQUAL have therefore developed modifications to GCSE/A-Level subjects for 2022 to address some of the disruption to studies which students have faced across the country.

GCSE English Literature, History and Geography will have modifications made to papers to introduce a degree of optionality in the topics for which students have to be prepared, whilst GCSE Art will be assessed entirely through non-exam assessment (NEA). For other GCSE/A-Level subjects, each awarding organisation has released advanced information providing an overview of the broad topics which will be assessed in the summer exams.

A guide for students and parents about advanced information, produced by the JCQ, can be accessed HERE

Details of this advanced information, for each of the exam boards which students study at Temple Moor, can be found below. We would draw your attention to the subject specific information and advice on each sheet, whilst also emphasising the following:

a).   In some subject areas, the advanced information provided will only provide information on high tariff questions. This means that other areas of the specification, beyond those detailed, will still need revision as there will be lower tariff (lower mark) questions on these.

b).   Any synoptic elements of assessment within a subject, which assess elements across the specification, will still be examinable and have not been detailed on the advanced information. Again this will require revision of all topics therefore.

c).   The overall structure of papers, except for those with optionality, will be unchanged compared to historic exam series.

Further information about each GCSE and A-Level subject, can be found below. Additionally, this will be communicated to students by subject teachers. If students/parents and carers require any further information, please contact Mr Barratt (KS4 Phase Leader):  barrattj@tmhs.rklt.co.uk

GCSE Subjects

A Level Subjects