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Home-School Agreement

The parents/guardians

I/we shall try to:

  • See that my son/daughter attends school regularly, on time and properly equipped

  • Make the school aware of any concerns or problems that might affect my son/daughter’s work, attendance or behaviour.

  • Support the school’s policies and guidelines for behaviour, uniform etc

  • Support my son/daughter with completion of home learning

  • Attend parents’ evenings and other meetings about my son/daughter’s behaviour

  • Keep school informed of changes to personal details

Temple Moor High School

The school will try to:

  • Care for your son/daughter’s safety and happiness at all times

  • Provide a balanced curriculum and meet the individual needs of your son/daughter

  • Maintain high standards of work and behaviour

  • Keep you informed on a regular basis about general school matters and about your son/daughter’s progress

  • Be open and welcoming at all times and offer opportunities for you to become involved in the life of the school

  • Support your son/daughter in achieving their personal and academic goals.

The student

I shall:

  • Attend school regularly and on time

  • Bring all the equipment I need every day

  • Wear the school uniform and be tidy in appearance

  • Do all my class work and home learning as well as I can.

  • Be proud, prepared and polite at all times

  • Keep the school free from litter and graffiti

  • Support other students and encourage them to work.

At Temple Moor High School, we understand that academic success is only possible when young people feel valued, supported and cared for.