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The Behaviour System

Behaviour and the Student Planner

At Temple Moor, we believe that students should be rewarded for good behaviour and that they should be treated fairly and consistently when they make mistakes. We see the input of parents as vital in this and strive to communicate regularly and effectively with the parents and carers of our students.

The Student Planner is at the heart of our school rewards and behaviour system and is an effective way of allowing parents and carers to see the daily successes of their child, as well as any mistakes that they may have made. Students must have their planner with them every day and in every lesson and parents/carers should ask to see this each night to check on their child’s continued progress.

We use stamps to record when students are working well in lessons. Stamps may be issued where students demonstrate engagement in their learning in a variety of ways, including asking good questions, providing good answers, helping others or through completing good quality work. Stamps are integral to the school rewards system.

The planner also serves as a communication aid between school and home as well as for students to record their homework; we encourage parents/carers to regularly check the planner for messages.

Parents and carers are encouraged to have a look through their child’s planner to appreciate the extensive range of resources, all intended to support a student’s opportunity to succeed in school. For example, subject specific pages provide useful key tips and reminders of some of the more frequently used elements of those subjects.

To ensure that we are collectively making the best use of the Student Planner, please look at your child’s planner frequently, discuss their homework with them and provide support where necessary. You are also encouraged to sign the weekly diary pages to indicate that you have read the planner and received any messages left.

All students are issued with a planner, free of charge, at the start of the year. If a student defaces or loses their planner, they will be required to purchase a new one at a cost of £5.

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