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Speak Up

The safety of all students, staff and visitors at Temple Moor High School is paramount. We work extremely hard to promote a culture of open-ness, where everyone feels able to communicate any concerns they may have over an individual or group within school.

By all working together and by promoting a ‘Speak Up’ culture where students and staff feel that they can voice any concerns that they may have, we strive to empower students and staff to keep themselves, and each other, safe. We also encourage the ‘Speak Up’ culture to permeate beyond the physical confines of the school grounds. Therefore, if a parent or member of the community has a concern for the safety of someone within school, we strongly encourage you to inform us through one of the available channels.

Anyone can use ‘Speak Up’ to share concerns and there are various methods of communicating those concerns. Individuals are free to choose whichever means they feel most comfortable. The most important thing is that all concerns are communicated.

Speak Up! To Report A Concern

If you would like to report an issue, you can do so by completing the form below.

This reporting form is monitored during term time only and not 24 hours a day.

If you, or someone you know is at immediate risk of harm talk to your parents or contact the police on 999.

Alternatively, you can  and report a concern by using this email address: