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Stop The Bully

Temple Moor High School takes bullying very seriously and understands the effects that bullying can have on an individual’s education, self-esteem and confidence. This is why we work together to create awareness on how to prevent bullying and encourage students to speak out.

Not only do we work together to build resilience and self-confidence with the victim of bullying. We teach tolerance, kindness and acceptance and encourage students to speak out about their thoughts, fears and insecurities so that they do not turn to bullying.

Temple Moor is a very diverse school and we want to embrace differences and strive to make sure all students enjoy their time at Temple Moor and leave us as considerate, well-qualified, confident young people.


Temple Moor High School works together to do everything it can to prevent all kinds of bullying.

This includes:

  • Assemblies to raise awareness

  • Trained peer mentors with listening skills who support students around school

  • Connections with professional mentors, who support students affected by bullying

  • Relevant sanctions

  • Offering appropriate support and guidance for bullies

  • Please visit our Links page where you will find lots of websites for further guidance and support.

Knowing or suspecting that your child is being bullied can be very distressing, but there is lots that you can do to help.

How do you know if your child is being bullied?

  • Coming home without money they should have, or with scratches and bruises.

  • Having trouble with homework for no apparent reason.

  • Using a different route between home and school.

  • Feeling irritable, easily upset or particularly emotional.

How can you help your child if they are being bullied?

  • Listen to your child, let them tell their story in their own words.

  • Suggest your child keeps a diary of bullying incidents. This will help show us concrete facts.

The next step is to speak to us.

Use this email address to contact someone in school about bullying: 

Please see the links below where you will find websites which provide further guidance and support.



Tackling homophobic, biphobic and transphobic bullying: improving preventative practices and support for LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) pupils.

Barnados:  Everyone should be free to be themselves

Barnados support LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and those questioning their sexual or gender identity) children, young people and their families in the UK. Check our their website here to find out more.