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Year 8 Progress Report Additional Information

Grades included in this report:


This report shows the % attendance of your child this academic year so far.

The minimum expected attendance is 95% and if attendance is below 90%, children are regarded as persistent absentees. (* Please note that the government have changed the code for COVID absence and therefore this now counts as an ‘authorised absence’).

For every day of school a child misses they lose 5 hours of learning and knowledge input. When this accumulates, it can have a significant impact on academic outcomes.

Number of times late to school:

This shows the number of days in which students have arrived late to school this academic year.

Achievement points:

This shows the achievement points issued by staff since the start of the year. When students are credited for doing excellent work or demonstrating positive behaviours, each event is given a points value. Different types of work or positive behaviour are given different points values.

Behaviour points:

This shows the behavioural points issued by staff since the start of the year. When students are sanctioned under the behaviour system, each incident is given a points value depending on its severity. Different types of incidents are given different points values, so the number of points does not equate to the number of incidents.

 Attitude to learning descriptors used by staff in forming their judgements: